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Costa Rica's Logistics Performance Index is 2.7. It indicates satisfactory performance - in general, traffic is handled well, some shortcomings in certain areas are possible, but overall the logistics system is reliable and ready to handle predictable traffic volumes.

Inch performance is rated at 2.39. This indicates mediocre performance - although somewhat ineffective, clearing processes do not unduly deter international business activity, occasionally required fees and/or documents required can be unpredictable, long clearing times can also be an issue.

The infrastructure quality in Costa Rica is rated at 2.43. It indicates mediocre quality - roads, railways, ports and other facilities are capable of handling some significant traffic, but not enough to ensure smooth transit at all times.

International shipping quality is 2.63. It indicates satisfactory performance - the services are reasonable and the prices are not too high and usually correspond exactly to the quality, although there is still room for improvement.

The competence of logistics service providers is rated at 2.86. The providers are competent - they ensure a good quality of their services and almost always maintain this level; Deficiencies, while still possible, are usually minor and do not discourage further use by providers.

Tracking options for shipments are rated at 2.83. It indicates satisfactory performance - the tracking systems provide all the basic information, as well as additional data about shipments; Mostly it also has a well-established cooperation with foreign and international tracking systems and usually offers information in several languages.

Tracking options for shipments are rated at 3.04. This indicates satisfactory performance - most shipments arrive on time and within scheduled time frames; late arrivals are still possible, albeit uncommon.

In Costa Rica, 99.5% of the population has access to electricity. Costa Rica has 161 airports nationwide. There are 147,258 internet hosts in Costa Rica. The number of road motor vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in Costa Rica is 20.

Road network
The total road length in Costa Rica is 39,018 km (24,250 miles). Of these, 77 km (48 miles) of roads are classified as freeways, dual carriageways, or freeways.

Gas price
On average, a liter of gasoline costs $1.44 in Costa Rica. A liter of diesel would cost $0.81.

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